Contact Admissions at 800-961-0229, and you will be guided through the enrollment process which will include course registration and payment.  High Speed Internet Access and computer/internet/email skills are required.  Once we have received your signed documents you will be sent the textbook for the Independent Freight Agent Business Course.  It is highly recommended that you read through this manual PRIOR to class beginning

On the first day of class you will receive an email with the log in information for the class as well as the conference call phone number that you will use.  We will conduct class in a simultaneous webinar and conference call where you will have a live Coverloads.com instructor and you will be able to interact with your peers from across the country.  During class it is extremely important that you eliminate distractions, pay close attention, and take notes.  There is a lot of information to cover, so it is imperative that you take notes and jot down any questions that you may have.

Throughout this course you will have homework assignments that must be completed and turned in.  This class is designed to provide you with hands on training that will prepare you for the phone calls and paperwork involved in moving freight. We will also have live demonstration calls, and role playing amongst your peers to prepare you for your own sales calls.

Upon completion you will begin the process of setting up your business and get started moving freight!!!  We will be here for you if you have questions.  If you are in the middle of a load and need help with the paperwork--Call Us!  We will guide you through the process!  Coverloads.com will offer continuing education opportunities to enhance your knowledge and help sharpen your skills as a Freight Agent.  We want to help you succeed!

The Process