In Today's Economy, people are searching for the right work-at-home opportunity.  Coverloads.com provides the solution with our dispatcher training sessions!

Before you spend thousands of dollars on simply "Learning" about the freight business, invest in a program where you can actually begin "doing" the business right away!  Being an Independent Dispatcher or a Freight Agent from home is a unique opportunity for people who are looking for a legitimate business!   

You can do this job anywhere! All you need is  phone, fax, computer and high speed Internet. Our Live Online Webinars and Training Sessions allow you the flexibility to learn from your home!  Keep reading......
When you train with Coverloads.com,  you will get the top-notch hands-on training with excellent follow-up support!  By taking our course, here is what you will receive: 
Experienced Instructors
E-Mail/IM Support
Ongoing Business Development
Personality Evaluation
Whether you want to move Van, Reefer,  or Open Trailer  freight,  Coverloads.com  will teach you how."
       Vicky, Pacer

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Repeat Income Potential
Updates/Refresher Courses
Team Building Opportunities

There are many companies out there looking for someone to help cover their loads!
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Let us help you to get out from behind the wheel and keep your truck profitable!

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We are committed to providing quality education and training to you!
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Independent Dispatcher
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It’s a fact! Independent truck drivers need someone to keep them loaded and dispatched at all times. Drivers want the best paying loads and to get home as often as possible, but naturally things don’t always work out that way. That's where you come into play. You can make a good income searching for high-paying freight for your driver. Find loads going into and out of every state in the continental U.S. and Canada. 

By becoming an Independent Dispatcher, you will have access to 1000's of trucks ready to be of service to your customers!  Don't waste another day. Get started today!
Load Planning 
Have you been on a freeway or highway recently and noticed  how many trucks are on the road!  Each truck is either on the way to pick up a load or is transporting a load from the shipper to the receiver  This is a $800 Billion Dollar industry that needs good people like you to move freight across the USA!  Whether you are a trucking company that needs us to train your people or you are a small one man operation looking to break into the business, we have the custom training for you.  Learn how to maximize your investment and how to reduce overhead costs!  Cargo shipments occur daily and never end. Independent Dispatchers can either work for trucking companies or start their own dispatching service company. We will demonstrate to you on how it's done!  Whether you are starting your own business or getting ready to work for someone else, we will coach you on how to cover loads!
Freight Moves Everyday! Are You Moving It?
FACT: 696,227 Trucking Companies are registered with the FMCSA.  Someone is Dispatching Them.  Make Money $$$!
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